How does Ott’s make the world a better place?

No smokestacks, big warehouses or massive plants pumping out tanker truckloads of dressings. Nope. This dressing is made in the midwest in a small place and in small batches to protect the integrity of the flavor. Same recipes used for more than 40 years. So when we were asked to update the package, we not only created a label that paid respect to the original family name, we decided to promote the idea of “Small Batches” to the world. After all it works for microbreweries, why not for a dressing company that takes the time and care to work small? So the 20 employees that make this product from the original recipe with the best ingredients in small batches hope you’ll love it as much as they do.

Client: Ott's Salad Dressings and Sauces